Natures hut Kesar 1g

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NATURES HUT PREMIUM IRANI KESAR - Saffron also known as…

Categories: Antioxidants

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NATURES HUT PREMIUM IRANI KESAR - Saffron also known as Kesar in Hindi is one of the most valuable spices known to the world. It is a natural antioxidant known to provide a host of benefits. Kesar is a wonderful remedy given to expecting mothers which HELPS IN taking overall care of the pregnant woman. It can be used for Health, Exotic Food Products, Beauty Packs, for enhancing Complexion, Gourmet, and for Ayurvedic purpose. ?Saffron is extremely rich in manganese ?This spice when combined with milk, can help in improving digestion and appetite, also help to keep your skin healthy and even enhance your immunity. ?Drinking saffron milk every day especially before going to bed, can help in sleep patterns. Saffron can also be used in face packs and beauty treatments.

Kesar Benefits

1.Kesar (Saffron) is a Premium Handpicked Spice, Natural Antioxidant with a Treasure of Benefits

2.Helps in increasing energy levels and reduces anxiety

3.Good for growing kids, as it naturally improves bone strength

4.Helps in for expecting mothers as it aids in mood swings and skin care during pregnancy

5.Can be used in many ways to gain maximum benefits - desserts / savories / beauty treatments

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