Jaggery-24 pcs

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NATURES HUT brings for you JAGGERY in bite size, which…

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NATURES HUT brings for you JAGGERY in bite size, which is enriched with AJWAIN and SAUNF. JAGGERY BITES are free from any harmful chemicals / preservatives. It can be consumed any time of the day, but best results when consumed after meals.

This little sweet package is full of nutrients and benefits. High in fiber and minerals, it is a complete energy food in itself, since it boosts immunity, improves digestive process, increases metabolism and controls body temperature.

NATURES HUT JAGGERY BITES comes in bite size, very easy to eat

JAGGERY BITES are enriched with AJWAIN and SAUNF (Carrom and Fennel Seeds).

FREE from harmful Chemicals / Preservatives.

Best results when consumed after meals.

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